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Ultra Kleans Power Flushing Capsules

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Ultra Klean Power Flush capsules are made from the most powerful detoxifying

herbs. The combined power of dandelion, burdock, red clover and yellow dock,

make these capsules work wonders. These capsules are kosher and parve. Start

taking these capsules about an hour and a half before the time you wish to be

clean and your urine will stay clean for up to 5 hours. They also include 2

Vitamin B capsules and 2 Creatine capsules to give it a little extra boost, so

you are sure you pass your urinalysis.

Power Flush Capsules are effective from 1 hour to 5 hours (peak of

effectiveness is during the first two hours).

How to use this product:

  • Take 7 capsules with 24oz of water about an hour to an

    hour and half before you desire to have clean urine.

  • Wait 20 minutes and take another 7 capsules with 24oz

    of water.

  • Wait 20 more minutes take last 7 capsules, 2 vitamin b

    and 2 creatine capsules with 24 oz of water.

  • This product works for up to 5 hours after ingestion.  This

    process takes about 40 minutes to complete, so time your self.

    For increased results use with Ultra Mask One Hour Cleansing Formula.


    Please be aware of temporary effect of Ultra Klean Power Flush Capsules