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Ultimate 24 Plus (Wild Cherry)

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Zydot Ultimate 24 Plus One-Hour Advanced Cleansing Formula Specifically Designed For Heavily Toxic People And Those Weighing Over 250 Lbs. Zydot Ultimate 24 Plus Blend&Rsquo;S Powerful Blend Of Herbs And Fiber Is Formulated To Help Cleanse Your System. Zydot Ultimate 24 Plus Blend Is Available In Three Great-Tasting Flavors: Orange, Cherry And Starfruit.

How Does Zydot Ultimate 24 Plus Work?

Zydot&Rsquo;S Thicker Formula Bonds With More Toxins Than Thinner Watery Solutions Ever Will. Thinner Viscosity Solutions Have Less Opportunity To Bond With Toxins. The Difference Is Easy To See. In 1987, Zydot Unlimited, Inc. Introduced A Revolutionary Cleansing Product Into The Market. Through The Years, They Have Improved Its Formula To The Point Where It Is Today.

How To Use Zydot Ultimate 24 Plus?

  • Drink Only One 16 Oz. Glass Of Water 1 Hour Before Drinking Ultimate 24 Plus.
  • Shake Well.
  • Drink The Entire Contents.
  • Fifteen Minutes After Drinking Ultimate 24 Plus, Refill The Container With Water And Drink.
  • You Must Urinate 2 To 3 Times To Flush Toxins From Body.
  • Allow Approximately 2 1/2 To 3 Hours To Complete The Drinking Process (Steps 1-5). Ultimate 24 Plus Is Most Effective 1 To 4 Hours After Completing Step 4.
  • How Do I Get The Best Possible Results?

    Do Not Drink Large Amounts Of Water 2 Hours Before Drinking Ultimate 24 Plus. Do Not Eat Large Meal 4 Hours Before Drinking Ultimate 24 Plus, A Light Meal Is Okay. If Possible Try To Drink Zydot Ultimate 24 Plus After You Have Been Awake For 4 To 5 Hours. The Following Unnecessary Over-The-Counter Or Unprescribed Medications Should Be Avoided 24 To 48 Hours Before Drinking Zydot Ultimate 24 Plus:

    • Goldenseal;
    • Alcohol;
    • Acidic Liquids (Such As Vinegar, Pickle Juice, Fruit Juices, Coffee, Etc.);
    • Large Quantities Of Vitamins;
    • Salty Foods.