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Vale Solution

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Vale Solution is a “thin”, pre-mixed, easy to drink nutritional supplement specially formulated to aid your body’s natural ability to eliminate unhealthy toxins, pollutants and unwanted substances. Formulated with precise amounts of dietary fiber, vitamin B-2 and creatine monohydrate, Vale Solution works on all toxins, is easy to drink and tastes great.

Vitamin B serves a dual purpose. The vitamin B in Vale Solution helps replace the B vitamins stripped away during the cleansing process and helps the body eliminate toxins. Vitamin B is already blended into our liquid drink mixes. Within an hour or so of taking the Vale vitamin B complex you will notice that your urine has a yellow or greenish yellow tint to it. This is normal and simply an effect of taking any B vitamin.

How does Vale Solution work?

Vale Solution feeds the detoxification systems of the body so they can function at their best. Your detoxification system is an incredibly efficient and powerful machine. When it slows down due to neglect or overload, it takes powerful nutrition to rev it up again. Most people do not pay enough attention to their diet, especially in regard to feeding their detoxification systems. That neglect, coupled with the daily intake of toxins spells trouble. Vale Solution helps your body function at optimal levels and can produce astounding results.

How long do toxins remain in my body?

Some toxins stay in the body for hours. Others stay for days or even weeks. It is generally accepted that toxins remain in the body for between 30 and 60 days unless the liver is aided in some fashion. How quickly your body eliminates toxic substances depends greatly on the type of toxin ingested, how much was ingested, your metabolism rate, your general health condition, etc.

When should I begin cleansing?

The sooner you begin the cleansing process the better your results will be. Each day that you ignore your detoxification system, the more likely it is to become "overloaded". Likewise, the sooner you begin cleansing, the quicker your toxin levels will be reduced. Simply put, toxins are poisons. These poisons are a by-product of everyday life. They create irritating and harmful effects in the body and their accumulation can degrade your immune system and decrease energy levels. Through the miracle of human physiology, the body neutralizes and filters out most these toxins. Vale Solution is designed to aid your body in this overwhelming task.

How do I get the best possible results?

If you have already purchased Vale Solution, you are on the road to a more efficient detoxification system. However, there are some other things you can do. First, before you begin cleansing, give your body a break. For at least 48 hours prior to cleansing avoid all toxins including medication, if possible. Second, drink plenty of water. Healthcare professionals recommend that you drink six to eight 12 ounce glasses of water a day. Coffee, tea, sodas, alcohol and sugary fruit juices may dehydrate you. Greatly restrict your consumption of them or avoid them entirely. Third, commit yourself to a healthy lifestyle. Eat well balanced, low fat meals, get plenty of rest, and exercise regularly.

How to use Vale Solution?

  • At least 48 hours prior to drinking this product abvoid alcoholic beverages and unnecessary medications. Also drink six to eight 12-ounce servings of water per day.
  • Three hours before consuming this product eat a light meal (dry toast, cereal, crackers).
  • One hour before you consume this product drink two 12-ounces servings of water.
  • Shake bottle of Vale Solution and consume.
  • Over next 30 minutes drink 16 to 20 ounces of water.
  • To ensure your satisfaction with Vale Solution this great product comes in Ultra-Violet protected packaging. Vale Solution is also available in Tropical Punch Flavor.

    Warning: consult a health care practitioner before using if pregnant or nursing.