How To Pass A Marijuana Drug Test


This method is only useful to those whose consumption is low. A little pot twice a month requires only a few days of abstinence at first. For those smoking more often, however, the length of abstinence increases dramatically. With frequent smoking, marijuana metabolite (THC) in your body will not be eliminated quickly because THC is built up in fatty tissues. Chronic marijuana use can be detectable for as long as 2 months. Overweight users will also need extra downtime.

If you choose this method then double-check that your urine is clean with Marijuana Drug Test

Flushing Urinary System

Marijuana metabolite levels decreased significantly, and results frequently switched from positive to negative after a volunteer consumed 1 gallon of water. But the creatinine levels dropped below the cutoff after intake of just 2 quarters. You should understand that you are very likely to be found out using this method because labs are required to test the creatinine in all regulated specimens, and to test specific gravity for specimens with creatinine less than 20 mg/dL.

Don’t fail because of a “diluted result”.

Drinking Vinegar and Other Home Remedies

Drinking green tea, coffee, cranberry juice, grapes, beer, iced tea etc. will not help you pass a urinalysis because these products neither mask THC in the urine nor eliminate it from fat cells. Household chemicals, such as bleach, acids, vinegar, lemon juice, eye drops and table salt can cause false negative test results. However, specimen integrity tests performed by labs will detect the presence of such adulterants because of altered pH, specific gravity or creatinine level.

Don’t fail because of a “adulterated result”.

Detox Kits

Marijuana detox kits are made from all natural ingredients. They contain an unique combination of vitamins, minerals, and herbal cleansers that produce successful results when put to the test by people just like you every day. While products are 100% undetectable and all natural, they perform as an all natural body cleansers and don't just camouflage toxins in your body.

By using Fast Marijuana Detox Kit you will be able to reduce THC levels in the urine below the cutoff (“dilute”) without drinking excessive amounts of water. Your Creatinine (Crn) and specific gravity will remain at normal levels, so dilution will not be reported by the lab. If you choose this method you always can check your pH, specific gravity and Creatinine (Crn) levels by yourself using the Drug Adulteration Strip

Marijuana Drug Testing Statistics

  Flushing Urinary System Drinking Vinegar and Other Home Remedies Detox Kits
Passed Failed Passed Failed Passed Failed
Light Users (< 1 t/week) 91% 9% 77% 23% 100% 0%
Moderate Users (1-2 t/week) 73% 27% 55% 45% 100% 0%
Heavy Users (< 5 t/week) 51% 49% 23% 77% > 99% < 1%

We recommend to use Detox Pills and Detox Drinks to pass urine drug test for marijuana smokers.